Pre Shave Oil, 60mL, 99% Natural Pre Shave Oil,
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FIST PUMPS, NOT SHAVING BUMPS. No man looks at himself in the mirror and says, I love the bumps on my skin is after a good shave. Pre Shave Oil helps eliminate Shaving Bumps, so you can look at yourself in the mirror and do fist pumps. Pre Shave Oil is a great tool to add to your Shaving Kit. Using a Straight Edge Safety Razor works awesome when shaving with Pre Shave Oil. As the weight of the Razor works with gravity, it will glide across your skin, leaving you with a smooth shave.. SHORTER SHAVE, SMOOTHER FACE - TRUTH! With Pre Shave Oil your shave will be so close and smooth while shortening your shaving time. Many people say they dont have to shave as often since their shave is so close! Thats pretty great when you need to look sharp in a hurry. Pre Shave Oil is best used under your favorite shaving cream already in your shaving kit. P.S. Our Pre Shave Oils top ingredient, Castor Oil, has Anti Aging properties that have been used for centuries! Forever Young baby!. FOR RED NECKS - We mean necks that are red! Having a red neck with ingrown hairs and shaving rashes looks and feels nasty. Our Pre-Shave Oil is basically the savior of shaving problems. As your blade glides over your face, you will see a reduction/ elimination in ingrown hairs and shaving rashes. An awesome feature with Pre-Shave Oil is, your skin will feel soft and hydrated after. We recommend using a nice after-shave or post shaving balm after your shave. Add it to your Grooming kit!. CUT throat NICKs - Since you shave, Im sure you hate Cut Throat Nick. The B.I.G. Pre-Shave Oil is the your Hitman to put an end to nicks and cuts while you shave. Its good to have a great shaving cream in your shaving kit, but team it up with a quality Pre Shave Oil, and you will enjoy shaving more often! BONUS: Now you can stop putting toilet paper on your face.. BEARD OIL - We started as a company providing quality Mens Beard Products, and created this Pre Shave formula with Beards in Mind. This Oil is perfect for men with Beards who love to use Beard Oil for hydration, shine, and softer beard hair. If you are a Beardsmen who shaves close to line up your beard, Pre Shave Oil is basically your Beard Kit/ Shaving Kits best bud. You can also use it as JUST a Beard Oil. It has a dapper scent that you wont find in other Beard Oils.

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