Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush
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About the Product :

  • MADE FROM REAL BADGER HAIR: The bristles on this brush are made from genuine pure badger hair, for a soft and luxurious feeling every time you shave.
  • WORKS UP A FULL LATHER: In just a few seconds, this badger brush can whip up a thick, foamy lather that covers your beard area completely
  • With on pass around your face, youre ready to start shaving.
  • HOLDS AND RETAINS WATER: The bristles on this badger hair shaving brush are super absorbent, which helps you apply shaving cream fast and get a real wet shave
  • It also makes it incredibly easy to rinse out when youre done.
  • FEELS GREAT ON YOUR FACE: Not only will these pure badger hair bristles feel

    fantastic as you lather up, but they also gently exfoliate your skin, giving you a closer shave and a smoother feel afterwards.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: This is a shaving brush you can rely on, every single morning
  • Its made from excellent quality pure badger hair and real wood, with a sturdy construction
  • Bristle loss is minimal, and it can last for years if well maintained.
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